LETTERS: No more towers in White Rock

LETTERS: No more towers in White Rock


I believe you would agree with me, that whatever we envision the future of our city to be, that is what we will get: We imagine before we implement.

However, instead of imagining a city which complements its natural beauty, provides a welcoming space for people to gather and serves the community, we have developers who are buying land in White Rock to make profits, not to build a community. We do not want or need cranes and cement mixers, in my opinion, but an Official Community Plan and bylaws which restrict heights, so there will be no more towers.

May I remind you, an OCP is to be decided upon by those of us who are fortunate enough to live in our beautiful City by the Sea; it’s a community plan.

Therefore, I urge everyone (our mayor, councillors and residents of White Rock) to enact an OCP and bylaws which will not allow more towers to be built in White Rock, so we can have our beautiful City by the Sea – what is left of it – again.

Trudy Bishop, White Rock