LETTERS: No public engagement on policing

LETTERS: No public engagement on policing


As we were unable to get to the June 15 Surrey Police Department consultation session at the South Surrey Recreation centre we decided to go to the “pop-up” at the Ocean Park Library June 17. When we arrived at the library there was a sign saying the session was cancelled.

There was no notice on the website when we checked Sunday and nothing on any media.

It seems to us the city does not want to engage its citizens or hear their opinions.

When we called city hall the attitude of the receptionist was disrespectful and they did not have a complaint department.

We strongly feel this whole procedure is ill-conceived, rushed, not cost-efficient.

Having fewer officers does not seem to be the answer. The mayor, in his previous terms, refused to increase the current force and now the city is suffering for it.

There should be a referendum to let the residents decide this issue.

Who authorized the payment for the SPD website, vehicle, and uniforms?

Richmond has, in the past, looked at replacing the RCMP and found it was not cost-efficient or in the best interest of the community.

Hugh and Pat McMillan, Surrey