LETTERS: Not all’s quiet as trains persist

Open letter to White Rock council.

I have been concerned about the lack of apparent movement that I have heard regarding rail relocation.

An open letter to White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin and council.

I have been very concerned lately about the lack of apparent movement that I have heard regarding rail relocation from White Rock council.

Aside from one line in the Peace Arch News last week (Mayor honours ‘builders’, Nov. 2), the subject hasn’t seemed to come up at council. If this is indeed a number-one priority for the city this year, it doesn’t seem to me to be getting much attention.

Since the smart people and government in Washington State have voted out coal exports from their shores, I have noticed a huge increase in train traffic, especially during the night – when the train whistles continually wake me.

I surely don’t like the idea of crossing-arms and lights and whistles, since these will still disturb our sleep as well and the cost, like that of the fences, will probably only mean more and faster trains.

As you know, the price of steel-making coal has jumped considerably just recently against all expectations, therefore I would think the production and shipping will also increase astronomically.

Is there any hope for the rail relocation in the near future (Train can be gone in 5 years: Baldwin, Sept. 11, 2014)? If so, what are you doing to speed this up?

Susan Potzold, White Rock