LETTERS: Not so easy for past generations


Re: Finding a home of our own comes at a cost, April 1 column.


Re: Finding a home of our own comes at a cost, April 1 column.

Yes, it does come “at a cost,” and I wonder why columnist Melissa Smalley should expect otherwise?

Every generation seems to think that previous generations had it ‘easy’ – and that is simply not true.

When my wife and I married in 1953 in Brighton, England, we rented a small flat – an apartment – and within a year decided that this was money down the drain, however, we also had no inheritance or lottery winnings.

Vancouver homeSo what did we do? We gave up our flat and moved into one room for two years to save every penny for that first home.

No car, no TV, no expensive vacations and both of us working and saving hard.

Ownership of this first small two-bedroom bungalow gave us the security to start a family and eventually move up the housing ladder.

Unlike today’s modern family, once our first son was born, my wife became a full-time mother, so there was no need for “astronomical daycare fees” and we only had one car because I needed it for my work.

In 1972, our family moved to Kitchener, Ont., where we lived for the next 18 years. Our three children finished their education and we became “empty nesters”.

When our daughter married and moved to Surrey, we eventually sold our Kitchener home and purchased in South Surrey but were shocked to find that you cannot sell a four-bedroom home in Kitchener and purchase one in South Surrey at anywhere near the same price.

So, once again, we had to tighten our belts and live within our “senior citizen” income level.

So, Ms. Smalley, I don’t understand why you should expect to pay less than market value. If you had inherited your grandfather’s home that he purchased for $7,500, would you not sell it at today’s market value?

I wish you and your family all the best and if you really want that home with some green space it is there, you just have to accept that it does “come at a cost.”

Douglas Brown, Surrey