LETTERS: Now is the time to act on deforestation

Editor: We can only survive if we help Mother Nature survive


As a climate specialist of 20 years (plastics 10 years) and a wilderness survival expert, I wish politicians would tell their children why they allow our forests to be massacred.

We can only survive if we help Mother Nature survive. Profits keep us from doing the right thing. Forests and oceans won’t matter if we do not pull on the same rope to solve the crises on our doorstep. I encourage everyone to join me and others in this fight. It may not seem that urgent, but it is.

Every enterprise, organization or business in the world has one leader at the top of their chart. The enterprise may have managers or advisors below them, but the buck stops with that one individual. This simple equation is that a government, group or committee cannot function efficiently enough to bypass egos, pride, corruption, greed or revenge to be able to arrive at a reasonable consensus of methodology.

Having structured massive international operations over decades, I can guarantee that only one style of operation will work effectively. These crises cannot be solved on a country-by-country basis. It must be a global effort. Our system is globally scalable, low-tech, user-friendly and adaptable to several other systems.

Our children and grandchildren will be the ones who will work the rest of this century to fix what we and those before us have broken. Do something, please.

Norman J Ball, White Rock

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