LETTERS: Nude-beach signage would imply exclusivity


Re: Signage sought for clothing-optional beach, Sept. 23

I really haven’t a problem with people sunbathing in their birthday suits, but I’m concerned about the possibility of creating an exclusive enclave for nudists on a public beach now frequented by many more clothed than non-clothed persons.

I worry that a “Nude Beach” or “Clothing Optional” sign, may have the unintended effect of excluding those of us who like to wear clothes and, frankly, don’t particularly enjoy being confronted during our nature walks by nudists. Let’s face it, very few people look better without their bathing suits.

Your article quotes the nudists themselves as claiming such signs will avoid “conflicts.” How is a clothed person encountering a nude person on a public beach a conflict?

Let’s just keep it the way it is. If nudists get offended by the occasional clothed passer by, then who cares?

If they’re bothered by it, maybe they should get dressed.

Paul Griffin, White Rock BC

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