LETTERS: Officer’s action too aggressive

LETTERS: Officer’s action too aggressive


Re: ‘I’ve lost Hudson all over again,’ Sept. 20.

As Const. Cucheran was among a number of officers who responded, only she fired her gun, and firing 12 times at an apparently charging, aggressive Brooks; who, as it was said, consumed significant quantities of alcohol and cocaine; wandering the streets shoeless and wearing only boxer shorts and was unarmed.

I am all for the police serving us and keeping us safe, but Const. Cucheran, who killed an unarmed young man who acted somewhat aggressively with a number of fellow police officers there, sounds to me extremely aggressive.

Being a police officer can be a dangerous occupation. Having other officers with her would have put her in a far less dangerous situation.

The stay of proceeding included that evidence revealed significant shortcomings in the case against Const. Cucheran. So, how is this stay even justifiable?

Using a Taser would have been a far better solution to a situation that could have been subdued easily and then handcuffed him, and take him in to let him sleep it off until morning before returning him to his mother.

Trudi Gretsinger, South Surrey