LETTERS: Parkade solutions

LETTERS: Parkade solutions

Editor: Re: Waterfront parkade draws criticism, July 19; Parkade moves to hearing, July 26.


Re: Waterfront parkade draws criticism from residents, July 19; Parkade moves to hearing, July 26.

It seems that the proposed Marine Drive parkade is a rather controversial subject.

Inasmuch as the face of Marine Drive seems to be changing, perhaps another temporary approach should be tried.

One thought I have had would involve making an arrangement with Surrey School District to utilize the parking lots at the three local secondary schools – Earl Marriott, Semiahmoo and Elgin Park – on weekends and during the summer break for parking at a small fee. Possibly school buses could be hired to shuttle people to and from the beach area at a small fee.

This would put unused public resources to work when they would otherwise be idle.

The main problem with beach business, from my perspective, is that there is not enough parking in busy summer season and not enough customers in rainy, fall, winter and early-spring season.

This solution would address that issue and utilize existing resources while not consuming several million dollars in capital costs from the already beleaguered taxpayers.

I am certain there would be jurisdictional objections, but that is why we need leaders, isn’t it?

Bob Holden, White Rock

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White Rock is a beautiful beach community.

Why would anybody want to put a parkade on the beach?

It’s totally insane.

Why don’t they build a tunnel into the side of the hill?

You could have all the parking you want for the restaurants, plus you would hide all the cars from the beach.

Stano Steer, Surrey