LETTERS: Parkades don’t bring crime

LETTERS: Parkades don’t bring crime

Editor: Re: Cut White Rock residents a break , Aug. 18 letters.


Re: Cut White Rock residents a break, Aug. 18 letters.

In his letter to the editor, Michael King offered his opinion that the vast majority of enclosed parking facilities – whether above or below ground – are “a cesspool of crime and criminal activity” due to their automation, minimum on-site staff and profit objectives.

This is simply not the case.

Across Metro Vancouver, I am involved in the operation of 15 parking facilities containing more than 2,500 stalls, all of which are subsurface.

We experience very little crime or criminal activity; most have not experienced this problem in years.

The same can be said for a most garages.

Parking facilities that experience crime do so because of the surrounding neighbourhood. Those in successful locales are relatively crime-free; those located in problem areas will experience the crime that concerns Mr. King.

White Rock’s West Beach neighbourhood is very successful; a parking garage at Victoria and Vidal should experience the same success.

Dale Mumford, White Rock