LETTERS: People deserve to be heard on Surrey policing issue

LETTERS: People deserve to be heard on Surrey policing issue


Recent letters from Roderick V. Louis and Ivan Michael Scott made for interesting reading.

We agree with Mr. Scott that the RCMP should remain in Surrey.

It is unfortunate that the issue of a police is dividing our community. The city should be focusing on how to prevent much of the violence. It is not with a new force, but with more officers in the field being proactive.

Mayor McCallum and the council appear to be avoiding the wishes of the citizens of Surrey.

The citizens want to be heard and have a say as to what is happening in our city. Surely, open and honest discussion will lead to more understanding.

The mayor and council don’t seem to think so and are pushing their agenda ahead although the citizens do not always agree with them.

They are our elected officials and they should be working for us.

Also, the Dec. 20 letter from Eric Ross expresses concerns on the process being undertaken by Mr. Oppal, hoping the former attorney general will follow his own advice. Mr. Oppal and Mr. Farnworth must be diligent and listen to all sides in this matter.

After all, there are more citizens than council members and our voices and votes count.

The RCMP has served this city well. They deserve to get the manpower needed to police a city of this size.

Their officers are spread thin and do their jobs to the best of their ability.

We agree with Mr. Louis that the area South of the Fraser has been neglected by all levels of government – be it with policing, transit, infrastructure or first responders’ needs.

Will the council stand up to the mayor and vote to have the people heard?

Hugh & Patricia McMillan, Surrey