LETTERS: Plenty of room for discussion

Re: Death discussion more of a pitch, March 9 letters.


Re: Death discussion more of a pitch, March 9 letters.

We also attended MP John Aldag’s presentation of the recommendations of the Special Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying.

Letter-writer B.J. McCabe stated:  “Aldag and the federal Liberal party appear to have their minds made up on this issue”.

It was not the Liberal party that brought this issue forward. It was on the order of the Supreme Court of Canada that, in its ruling in February 2015, gave the previous government one year to implement legislation regarding regulations for access and safeguards in medical-assisted dying. As we all know, the Conservatives did not get it done, so it was left up to the current government to do so.

Aldag did an excellent job in explaining the recommendations of the committee in a very non-partisan way – recommendations that may or may not be in the final legislation.

Terry & Barb Garvey, Surrey

I read with some dismay the letter by B.J. McCabe lamenting the inability to debate this subject with MP John Aldag.

The parliamentary committee set up to deal with this subject invited briefs from individuals, and I took the time to write one. It might be available on the committee’s website. The committee report has been presented and hopefully will form the basis for a new law.

A review of the committee recommendations shows that they are formed by fair and knowledgeable people, and that our rights will be protected individually.

No one should fear being subjected to this procedure as it will only be allowed by personal request. There is also no reason to block the rights of others by denying requestors their rights to die peacefully.

Two disheartening Supreme Court cases led to this right being clarified.

In polls conducted by a recognized body, 85 per cent expressed their support for this procedure.

This is a free country. I should be able to die the way I want, and McCabe can do the same.

There is no intent in trying to tell anyone else how to live or die, we just want the ability to make our own choice.

I believe the Trudeau government is in tune with the democratic process.

William (Bill) Fernihough, Surrey