LETTERS: Policing transition has lacked transparency from the start


Surrey’s policing transition has not been transparent from the start.

With the Surrey Police Board’s recent announcement of its coming declaration on spending, it simply sends chills down the spine when you think about how democracy has been decimated. As a taxpayer, I have great concerns regarding the NDP provincial government’s refusal to hold Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum to account. This is evident in the increase of taxes that are clearly coming.

Other municipalities are at risk of having their police officers poached or their RCMP being removed. Is this a step into privatization?

Wally Oppal’s salary came from B.C. tax dollars, not just Surrey’s. We are all on the hook in B.C. for costs. For any credibility or acceptance, pause must be done. The newly appointed police board should see this, stop this and the process must be reset.

Laurie Haliburton, Surrey

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