LETTERS: Political posturing

LETTERS: Political posturing

Editor: Re: Watts’ provincial bid to trigger federal byelection, Sept. 27.


Re: Watts’ provincial bid to trigger federal byelection, Sept. 27.

So MP Dianne Watts decides to run for the BC Liberal party leadership.

She was a successful local politician as a mayor of Surrey for three terms.

Then she decided two years ago that she should run federally for the Conservative party, fully expecting then-prime minister Stephen Harper to achieve another majority and with it would come a plum job in government.

Well, that did not work quite as planned, although she did get elected.

Now two years into a four-year term, she decides to forget about the people that voted for her as a Conservative and become a Liberal.

So, perhaps if this does not work out, she can get a tryout with the NDP or Green Party.

This has nothing to do with principal and conviction and what’s best for the people, but everything with what is good for Watts, and never mind another byelection and a few hundred thousand dollars to do so.

Political ambition, that’s all it is.

Barney Feenstra, Surrey

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Does Dianne Watts really think that the voting public are fools who have forgotten her past?

Firstly, she backed the current mayor of Surrey, under who the municipality has become the Wild West for drug gangs, overdevelopment, poverty, poor road systems, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Secondly, Watts, who is a wealthy woman, seems to think that politics is a hobby.

She has gone from running for the defeated Conservative party, and now has quit that party in an attempt to become a bigger fish in the recently defeated provincial BC Liberal party.

Either she truly believes that she has miraculous powers, or she is delusional.

I do not think that being a resident of South Surrey and a proven political “party jumper” is a quality needed to represent any voters.

She has had her days in the sun, now it’s time to hang up her political spurs and give the rest of us a break.

R. Conley, Surrey