LETTERS: Pollution may be down, but CO2 levels are not

LETTERS: Pollution may be down, but CO2 levels are not


Recent news reports revealed that Mount Everest is visible from Kathmandu for the first time in decades. This is attributed to less air pollution as a result of our reduced use of fossil fuels during the pandemic.

This, no doubt, is wonderful news. It’s also been reported that atmospheric levels of CO2 haven’t budged during the same time period, but in fact have ticked upwards. This begs a question.

If our substantial reduction of CO2 emissions hasn’t resulted in reduced overall levels, what does that say about man’s contribution of CO2 as it relates to natural causes? Insignificant? Irrelevant?

Politicians on the left love to sell their carbon tax as a tax on pollution. If that’s true, how can it be that pollution levels are down but CO2 levels aren’t?

Not only is CO2 invisible, but it’s been falsely vilified as the global ecosystem boogie man.

Hidden consumption taxes are easy to raise, as Justin Trudeau has recently proven. These factors combine to make the carbon tax the ruse of our lifetimes.

Glen Gerow, White Rock

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