LETTERS: Popular pickleball outgrowing existing space


As an active senior resident of White Rock and a long time pickleball player and instructor of the sport, I would like to restate that the pickleballers are not out to invade Maccaud Park or to disturb its natural and passive existence.

Our initial request was for more court hours and the sharing of already existing court facilities at Centennial Park, where there already exists parking, and no need to cut down trees or interfere with the other leisure or recreational pursuits at that location.

Our sport continues to be the fastest growing court sport in North American attracting players of all ages (not just seniors) – pickleball’s popularity has blossomed with school age youth and college age athletes. Previously, through BC Pickleball, we delivered pickleball lessons and clinics to hundreds of school youth, and Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors program at Peace Arch Curling Club during its 2018 off season.

Now we are experiencing increased request for pickleball courts and playing time. In fact, the game attracts a great many of its better players transitioning from tennis, badminton and even table tennis who want to maintain their healthful recreation and socialization opportunities.

Therefore we appreciate whatever council and staff can do to make this a reality and promote that lifestyle mission.

Bert Coates, White Rock

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