LETTERS: Public green space essentially made private by ‘No Parking’ signs

LETTERS: Public green space essentially made private by ‘No Parking’ signs


Peace Arch Provincial Park, bounded by Peace Park Drive and First Avenue east of the 99 freeway, is a lovely postage stamp overlooking the Peace Arch and Semiahmoo Bay. We have been taking our dog there for her 15-minute run for several years.

Like other dog owners we have seen there, we are very respectful of the property and of many residents enjoying a picnic or just an afternoon stroll.

A year or so ago, ‘no parking’ signs went up on the park side of the street, which forced visitors to park in front of the 14 or so residences that form an L overlooking the grounds.

This year, additional ‘no parking’ signs went up in front of the residences. Now you can’t park anywhere near it. Brilliant.

I took my dog for a walk there last Saturday and parked illegally (because there was no one to be seen anywhere on a sunny weekend afternoon) and we had the whole park to ourselves because it has basically been cut off from public access. This certainly cannot be about traffic safety, because the park, established in 1939, has virtually no traffic and has not needed “no parking” signs for 80 years. You might see a vehicle go by every five minutes.

Essentially, what we have now is a beautiful view for the homes that overlook this inaccessible gem. You cannot park anywhere near it.

As this park is no longer reasonably accessible for public use, I’d suggest it would be a good location for re-development. Heaven knows we need more condos.

I’m sure the small-minded people who relish in putting up rules to restrict us law-abiding, taxpaying citizens from enjoying use of public property could make that happen.

Garry Rolls, Surrey