LETTERS: Put people before party

LETTERS: Put people before party

BC Liberal leadership candidate is hung up on electoral system that’s been strengthening democracies.


All the things that need defeating these days – child poverty, inequality or the abusing crisis, just to name a few – BC Liberal leadership candidate Dianne Watts is apparently all hung up on defeating an electoral system that’s been strengthening western democracies for years.

During a recent leadership debate, Watts had this to say about it: “If we do not defeat this referendum, there will be no majority, there will be forever a minority of BC Liberals.”

In a Nov. 4 tweet, she said: “Defeating proportional representation is my #1 priority. I’m hellbent on ensuring we defeat it.” Strong words indeed!

But not long before Watts abandoned her post as Conservative MP for South Surrey-White Rock, she was trashing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in one of her little party flyers for breaking his promise to reform the electoral system – Trudeau had pledged to make every vote count.

Now that Watts has her eye on a new leadership prize – and for the very same reasons Trudeau broke his promise – Watts is doing what most politicians do best: Keeping the power out of the hands of the people. And she’s hellbent on doing it!

John Freeman, Surrey