The Snowbird perform over White Rock. (Lola Peverley photo)

The Snowbird perform over White Rock. (Lola Peverley photo)

LETTERS: Queries arise after flypast

Editor: Re: Aerial dance , Aug.18.


Re: Aerial dance, Aug.18.

White Rock’s Canada 150 Celebration at the beach was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Shame to the City of White Rock on the mess the washrooms at the pier were in!

Why was there no attendant on duty? Was it not a event where the city wanted to shine?

The mess at the washroom clearly shows, in my mind, the mess White Rock council is in.

Dwayne Isert, Surrey

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I am not intending to question the physical ability and balance of the pilots of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

However, I think the extremely impressive display I recently observed at the beach was aerobatic in nature rather than as described by PAN as “aerial acrobatics.”

Unless you know differently or could see cartwheels in the cockpits?

David Hutchinson, Surrey

Squadron leader (retired)