LETTERS: Reasons for trees’ removal should be made public

LETTERS: Reasons for trees’ removal should be made public


The removal of the two mature trees where eagles perch, at Oxford Street and Prospect Avenue, is beyond belief.

The reason for their removal should be made public. To start with, the arborist’s report, also the city tree management permit, issued for the two trees to be removed should be public knowledge.

The manner in which the two trees were removed should be questioned and answered by department managers and the mayor and the councillors.

I read about neighbours complaining of falling needles from the Douglas firs as possible damage. To what? I grow trees from the cones that fall from the trees across the street from my house.

Three mature trees I have grown from seeds from these cones are now more than 60 feet tall in front of my house. I also pot young trees, again from falling cones, that I have given away to neighbours and family over the many years.

Readers, please read R.M. Strang’s letter in the June 19 PANMeasuring a tree’s value.’ It will enlighten you who are concerned about falling tree needles and others who want to improve the view from their house. The trees are needed now and for future generations. Thank you, R.M. Strang.

I hope readers fully understand we have a major problem here in White Rock, losing our trees each time a developer builds to the maximum allowable. With the small lots here in White Rock, I would like to see smaller structures, rather than build to the maximum the residential homes.

Fortunately, we do have many caring people and one eagle specialist and Hancock Wildlife Foundation director David Hancock who, with his team, does amazing work with eagle care. The two Douglas firs removed from Oxford Street would be considered a natural habitat for eagles and hopefully were removed because of the contents in the arborist’s report.

We have a city manager sending an email to councillor Scott Kristjanson after the two trees were already being removed. In future I would like to see all White Rock city managers fully co-operate with the mayor and councillors, before making decisions about environmental issues.

Thank you, Coun. Scott Kristjanson, for your concern regarding the environmental issues that we have here in White Rock.

Bill Iley, White Rock