LETTERS: Rude behaviour at sombre event

LETTERS: Rude behaviour at sombre event


My two neighbours and I made an early departure for the White Rock cenotaph in order to take part in the Remembrance Day ceremonies on Monday.

Last year, we had arrived late and were not able to watch the activity taking place around the monument. We arrived at 10:15 and found what we thought was a perfect spot on the City Hall sidewalk adjacent to the grassy park area where the ceremonies were to take place.

Although the sidewalk was a few metres lower than the field it offered a very good view. We were soon joined by other seniors like ourselves, veterans in their uniforms and blazers as well as young families and individuals.

Eleven a.m. was approaching when a group, presumably a family of approximately seven people including several teens came to the area where we were waiting.

Seeing there was no room for them, they proceeded to step over the sidewalk curb into the garden that separates the side walk and the cenotaph field then walk up the gradual hill in order to stand directly in front of the cenotaph effectively blocking the view of the rest of us waiting.

My initial thought was that this had been an error, that they hadn’t realized they were blocking the view for countless people, that was until they ignored the requests of several to squat or sit down to allow all to see. This soon saw many others follow suit, trudging through the garden in order to see around them.

As the ceremony drew to a close and the view blockers proceeded back through the garden to leave, one senior made a remark to the person, who appeared to be the father of the group, regarding their rudeness.

The father, showing incredible wit, humour and remorse responded, “take a pill.”

Dave Kent, Surrey