LETTERS: Rumours around cardiac program concerning to participants

LETTERS: Rumours around cardiac program concerning to participants


I am writing to express my concern with the planned move – rumoured to be in the works – by Fraser Health and the BC Ministry of Health to terminate the cardio rehabilitation program conducted at the Horst and Emmy Werner Centre for Active Living.

This program has been in existence for almost 20 years. It is well documented that programs like these not only prolong the lives of participants but ease the burden on our overtaxed hospitals.

It is ironic that an NDP government that claims to care about health and seniors, by its actions, appears to care about neither.

This move is being done surreptitiously; without the consultation of either participants or front-line staff.

Only when rumours began to circulate that the program was going to be quietly terminated was a hasty meeting called with staff on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

At that meeting the rumours were not denied; staff was told they would be informed in “due course” what plans were. Their input was neither asked for, nor wanted. It was intimated funds from this program would be redirected to “other cardiac care programs.”

The Ministry of Health is literally planning to throw one group of recovering cardiac patients into the parking lot.

The NDP seems to have forgotten that this generation still votes – and in large numbers – especially in these ridings.

They risk not only losing the senior vote – particularly those who have cardiac issues; but alienating their family members as well. Each of those affected has children, grandchildren, – who vote. They all add up.

So what can you do? You can express your displeasure by emailing, writing or calling your MLA and letting them know that this is an issue that matters to you. If they don’t listen tell them you will give your vote to a party that will look after the health of all its constituents.

Jeffrey Groberman, South Surrey

Editor’s note: Fraser Health has told Peace Arch News that the cardio rehabilitation program will not be eliminated, however modifications to scheduling of the maintenance program were still being considered.