LETTERS: Salute to health care workers continues on South Surrey street


I’m writing this letter to let all health care and essential-service workers know that you are not forgotten and are still being cheered every evening at 7 p.m. by the people who live in the 1500- and 1400-blocks of 160A Street.

My neighbours and I start the cheer with the usual pot-banging and are then joined by a gentleman and his trumpet.

He plays O Canada, we cheer, and then he plays what I call an “old chestnut,” or an appropriate tune relating to the day’s events.

It’s a different tune every night.

When the forest fires raged, he played Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. When the weather turned nasty, it was Stormy Weather. Last night’s tune was We Need A Little Christmas.

We pot-bang after tune 2 as well. Earlier in the year, we waved at one another, but now we signal with flashlights.

To my neighbours, cheers to you all. With the events that are unfolding in our world, I’m heartened by your kindness and commitment.

And, to everyone going to work their shifts every day and night, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pot-banging is easy, what you do takes dedication and bravery.

Katie Hughes, South Surrey

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