LETTERS: Sandcastles kicked over

LETTERS: Sandcastles kicked over

Editor: Re: Sandcastle competition on the rocks , Dec. 12.


Re: Sandcastle competition on the rocks, Dec. 12.

Who is the Grinch that stole the sandcastle competition?

The city for saying sand should be trucked in, with no apparent interest in helping the Events Society overcome obstacles put in their way?

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resources for saying a clam or two may be disturbed?

Or, Semiahmoo First Nation whose wounds run so deep from the previous council, they refuse to meet?

This sounds like a pretty innocuous, family-oriented event to take place between tides.

I suggest all of the above get off their high horses and show a little community and common sense.

Bah humbug.

Barry Collins, White Rock