LETTERS: Scammers in our midst

LETTERS: Scammers in our midst


I pulled into a parking slot at Safeway on a recent afternoon and a lady came up and tapped on my window. I asked her what she wanted and she began to tell me a story about how she was short $5.

She had some money in her hand. I have heard of this scam before, so I told her that I knew she was scamming people. Of course she didn’t like this and wandered angrily off across the parking lot, looking for a fresh victim.

Just thought I would let people know about this so that they do not fall victim to the scam.

This scam is similar to the one where someone comes up to you and says they need 50 cents or a dollar or whatever because they ran out of gas. They don’t even own a car.

This happened to me once and I actually bought it for a moment and then I asked them if perhaps I could drive them to their car and we could go to the gas station and get some gas. That was the end of that.

Keep an eye out, folks.

Roger Currie, Surrey