LETTERS: School editorial compares apples and oranges

LETTERS: School editorial compares apples and oranges

Don’t conflate school reopening with that of restaurants and clubs


Re: Too much left to last minute, Sept. 10 editorial

Your editorial compares apples to oranges. B.C. residents and business owners have, for the most part, adhered to the BC Health guidelines and contributed to flattening the curve.

However, August saw an up-tick in cases when Phase 3 permitted in-person public gatherings.

Unfortunately, the directives for physical distancing, mask wearing and hand washing were ignored by many restaurants and especially by many nightclubs.

Pictures of people standing shoulder-to-shoulder and unmasked show an irresponsible disregard for the severity of the crisis.

Such cavalier behaviour must not be conflated with how schools are approaching re-opening.

I am certain that students (and teachers) know better, have greater self-control and a firmer grasp of their responsibilities to their communities.

Simon Johnston, Surrey

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