LETTERS: Scouting out a solution


Guess what? In Alberta towns and cities, they have manhole covers that are even with the road surface.


Re: Not a happy camper…, Sept. 2 Monique Tamminga column.

Dear Not A Happy Camper,

Monique, you are wonderful mom just for taking your son camping.

You have just experienced one of the best bonding moments with your son in one of the world’s best classrooms – the great outdoors. Hats off to you.

May I suggest a great solution to your inward grumbles. Enrol your son in Scouts Canada as soon as he is age appropriate. The earliest a child can join is age 5.

There will be lots of camping and other outdoor activities. Even better, if you join with him, you can enjoy it all too and the work will be shared among a group of adults.

Happy camping from Pam, a 20-plus-year mom/wife of Scouters.

Pamela Vandeyck, Surrey