LETTERS: ‘Shameful’ act of theft at yard sale

LETTERS: ‘Shameful’ act of theft at yard sale

LETTERS: Return desk set stolen from yard sale


Shame on the thief who stole an item at the recent Ocean Park Community Yard Sale.

By now you will have shown your friends the silver antique desk set that you “picked up” from a shelf clearly labelled “sold.” It was at the home of an elderly white-haired grandmother who had promised to hold it for an earlier customer. How can you look yourself in the mirror and feel anything but disgust for your shameful act?

Anyone who sees the unique item with the two inkwells and six-inch figure in the middle will know that you stole it, have no regard for the property of others.

To avoid embarrassment and a constant reminder of your dishonest act, return the item. Leave it at the Rexall Pharmacy in Ocean Park and they will contact me.

Margo Wood, Surrey