LETTERS: Shipping gas better than thermal coal

LETTERS: Shipping gas better than thermal coal


Kudos to the three west coast First Nations who suggest that we should export our natural gas to China to replace their thermal coal-fired power plants. Finally, an action to cut global greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile, our various levels of government talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. In B.C., our premier and the Green Party bluster about the pipeline issue while thousands of tons of U.S., thermal coal are being shipped daily by rail through the Lower Mainland on its way to be burned in China – the same thermal coal that Washington and Oregon refuse to allow to be shipped from any of their West Coast ports.

Are we not aiding and abetting those who are major contributors to global warming? Obviously we are, and for some reason our politicians point fingers in other directions to distract us.

Perhaps the Terminal Rebellion folks should be trying to shut down the BNSF railway instead of the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver.

Dennis Smith, White Rock