LETTERS: So much to be concerned about in the world right now


I would surely not want to be the prime minister or premier. There are so many demands from groups who believe what they want is most important.

In this province, we need funds for schools, infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals) forest fires, flooding and a whole bunch of other things.

We talk about the gas prices and how little the province is refunding to us through ICBC. I know the price of gas affects some of us in a huge way and making ends meet is an enormous task, but that refund may be taking away money that could have done a lot of good in other places.

No matter what the province does there is going to be controversy. There has been a lot of public protest about a number of issues, especially about getting COVID shots. Doesn’t it put things in perspective when you see what’s going on in other parts of the world today – how petty it was that our representatives were doing all they could with the information available to keep us safe and we were blocking folks from going to the hospital, etc. We are so blessed to live in Canada, but we take it for granted.

We are also isolated from that part of the world, yet look how we are touched by what we see and hear. We wonder what can we do to help as Russia carries on with their aggression and where’s it going to stop.

Will there be another World War?

We can pray for or donate money to help all those unfortunate folks fleeing for their lives. I guess if you were inclined, you could go over and fight or at least help in any way you could on the war front.

As we watch the incredible carnage over there we can be better people here. We can be kind and love our neighbour, we can be willing to help out those in need, we can say hi to people we pass on the street. If you’re in a lineup, talk to the people next to you and brighten their day. There are so many things we can do to make living here more pleasant.

So many of us nowadays have forgotten about the power of prayer. What will happen when we die is something that may be crossing your mind as mention of nuclear war is in the news.

We have no idea of how far Putin is willing to go and if the rest of us are going to be drawn into this conflict. With that in mind, I certainly want to be right with God.

Brian Lauder, Surrey

Letter to the Editor