LETTERS: Social distancing, mask rules not being enforced


As residents of South Surrey/White Rock, we are extremely concerned about the health rules in our area not being followed or enforced. Where are the bylaw officers? We walk every day and are amazed by the lack of masks, and social distancing.

We are very fortunate to have a gorgeous walkway available for all to enjoy, but people have to share these concerns and read the signs. Are we granting a privilege to others because we are wearing masks and they are not?

Lives have been changed immensely in 2020 and I have to put forward to those who read this letter that we all have to follow provincial and municipal regulations.

We are without our family for the first time in a lifetime, as are many others, but this is life now.

We want to be together next year without losing another family member at our table.

Do we want this to stop now, or do we want our lives to be about masks, social distancing and the inability to hug for much longer than it has to be?

Signs on the promenade and a well lit sign entering the promenade state masks are to be worn.

Toronto is in such a bad way now, only because they avoided the fines in the summer and now COVID has spread so much they have to shut down the entire province.

From what we see, it is not safe along the boardwalk.

Heather Frishling, White Rock

Letter to the Editor