LETTERS: Some now more equal

LETTERS: Some now more equal

Editor: Here are a few thoughts as to what is happening in the world today as I see it.


Here are a few thoughts as to what is happening in the world today as I see it.

First of all, I strongly believe that every one should be treated equally under the law, no exception. However that notion appears to working only one way.

Let me explain.

During the recent fireworks displays in Vancouver, the police were quoted as saying they had a quiet night; only two persons were charged with smoking on the beach, which is prohibited.

However, a few months ago, there were thousands of potheads smoking up a storm and no one was charged. No-smoking signs clearly displayed.

Then there is the Pride Parade, a bunch of people on floats and walking around nearly naked, and the police are eager to join them along with every politician in town. Should I undress like that and walk down the street, I’ll get charged with indecent exposure, causing a disturbance and who knows what else.

Years ago boys were boys, girls were girls. Seemed simple. Not anymore. Now we have parents who claim that to put their child’s sex on a birth certificate is discriminatory and should be left up to child to determine what he/she will eventually decide what he/she will be.

Then there is the recent uproar over a licence plate in Manitoba. Two – just two – First Nation people took exception to the plate that said Asimil8, saying it was offensive to native people.

Give me a break. That word is used everywhere; it has nothing to do with the native issue but about using the English language.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about some crazy things that are happening, and I hope I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Barney Feenstra, Surrey