LETTERS: Some shouldn’t have dogs


Thinking about going for a nice walk? I would strongly advise to stay away from the off-leash dog area along East Beach.


Thinking about going for a nice walk on the beach? I would strongly advise to stay away from the off-leash dog area along the White Rock East Beach area, unless you carry a big stick. But for now, I’m just going stay away from that beach and leave it to people who shouldn’t have dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a dog person. But on Sept. 7, a beautiful Sunday for a walk along the water’s edge, I had my feet knocked out from under me, landing on my shoulder and the side of my head, by a dog with about an 18-inch-wide head. My guess is a bull mastiff, but I didn’t stick around to find out.

I was trying to keep an eye on this uncontrolled dog as it was chasing another dog, but in an instant it ran right through me. While picking myself up, all I could hear was laughter coming from who, I assume, was the owner of this beast. I slowly got up grabbing my shoulder that I landed on, knowing right away that this is going to take a while to heal.

Then after straightening my bent glasses and feeling a wound where my glasses rest on my nose, dazed and confused, I walked away.

Some people are completely irresponsible and should not be permitted to have this breed or any other type of dog!

Can’t expect anything from City of White Rock, as this is in the City of Surrey’s jurisdiction. Can’t expect anything from Surrey, because they will tell you this is federal First Nation land. Need I say any more?

I then had to go to work with a buggered shoulder, possible black eye and try to explain to my employer why my productivity is going to be less than expected. As if they would even believe me.

I have a mortgage to pay. Second guessing, I sure wish I had just stayed home on that sunny day.

This dog took out a 190-pound man. Could you imagine this happening to a young child?

Rob Fylling, White Rock