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(Black Press Media file photo)

LETTERS: Some things to know about Accessible Parking Month


November is Accessible Parking Awareness Month.

Have you ever parked illegally in a designated accessible parking spot?

Have you ever used someone else’s accessible parking permit or one not legally authorized for your use?

Please don’t.

Some things you should know:

1) Accessible parking permits are only for people with disabilities and are not to be lent or given to anyone else for any reason;

2) If the permit-holder doesn’t leave the vehicle at a destination the vehicle must be parked in a regular parking spot, not in a designated accessible spot;

3) Accessible parking permits are not inherited by anyone, even a mate;

4) If the permit-holder is able to walk a short distance, they should consider leaving the accessible parking spot for someone in a wheelchair who needs the wider space;

5) Many disabilities are invisible. Appearances can be deceiving. If you think you qualify for a permit check with your doctor’s office or SPARC BC their email is: permits@sparc.bc.ca

Please be thoughtful, considerate and responsible.

While some may think having an accessible parking permit is a “perk,” those of us who have one wish we didn’t need one.

Marney, Vince & Mary on behalf of South Fraser Active Living (SFAL)

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