Tracy Holmes photo                                A memorial event is planned for today (Friday, Oct. 4) at the Forever Garden, located next to the South Surrey Arena (2199 148 St.).

Tracy Holmes photo A memorial event is planned for today (Friday, Oct. 4) at the Forever Garden, located next to the South Surrey Arena (2199 148 St.).

LETTERS: South Surrey teen’s murder not forgotten

Editor: Re: ‘No one remembers,’ Sept. 27.


Re: ‘No one remembers,’ Sept. 27.

I remember and I think of Pamela Cameron every time that bus rolls past “that” spot on 152 Street, that area now fully developed, and no longer just empty fields and wandering dirt pathways.

I think of my own life in the 25 years since hers was taken away. Happily remarried, a beautiful young grandson, my travels around the world – and all those other things denied Pamela in her short lifetime. That, along with all those birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, Christmas mornings and all those other special moments that put together make up a long happy life.

I’ve heard it said, that as long as there is someone living that remembers you, that you never truly die…

On the occasional early morning I will get up and go out and watch the sun rise over the horizon, or I will walk down to the seaside in the evening and watch it sink into the sea… and I remember.

Barry Cameron (no relation to Pamela), White Rock

The memory is absolutely heartbreaking still, it is hard to believe it was 25 years ago that Pam was murdered on 152 Street in broad daylight. Along with the murders at the same time of Tanya Smith, Melanie Carpenter and Jesse Cadman, it was more than our communities could bear.

A group of citizens formed “Peace and Justice for Canadians” and tirelessly set up booths in malls and other venues, garnering tens of thousands of signatures on a petition to change Canadian criminal laws. Realtors formed “Realty Watch” to quickly fan out news of a missing person. Citizens were enraged and still are to this day.

On Oct. 4 at 11:30 am, a memorial will be held at the Forever Garden on the north side of the South Surrey arena. We must never forget.

Carol Short, South Surrey

Two days before this edition, I randomly remembered Pamela without reading about her tragedy. I remembered that day when we waited to hear news of her demise, hoping it wasn’t true.

Such a very sad story for this beautiful young woman, her family and our community.

Pamela will always be remembered if we continue shine a light on her life.

Jane Bryson, South Surrey

I am among a generation of South Surrey residents and former Semiahmoo students who remember clearly the rape and murder of Pamela Cameron.

It was disappointing to see the headline, No one remembers on the front page of the Peace Arch News this week. To suggest that, because the current staff and students of Semiahmoo Secondary are unaware of her death a generation later, that Pamela has been forgotten, is a disservice to her memory.

As mentioned in the article, the crime is forever cemented in the memories of those who lived in the community at the time and Pamela is remembered to this day. I would have liked to have seen a headline that reflected this, rather than one that further diminished a life already cut short.

Amanda Myring, South Surrey