LETTERS: South Surrey, White Rock water quality varies from building to building


The recent letters regarding the water supplies of both Surrey and White Rock have me confused. What I have noticed in my building is the opposite to what some of your readers have experienced.

I live in White Rock and since the repairs were done by the City a few years ago, the tap water is clear and very drinkable.

When I visit my mother who lives close by in the Southmere Crescent area of South Surrey, I am unable to drink the tap water there as the taste of chlorine is extremely strong.

Are the discrepancies in water quality possibly linked to pipe construction, or repairs being carried out? If the pipes in individual buildings, or the municipal ones linked to them are deficient, could that account for the differences in water quality from one part of the city to another?

Also, during the construction phase of new buildings, pollutants can end up in the water supply.

Once construction is over, the water quality can still be a problem due to an increased demand for water, as well as increased pollution due to additional residents. It would be an understatement to say that both White Rock and Surrey are going through this never-ending phase. Could that have anything to do with it?

Lynda Hornby, White Rock

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