LETTERS: SPD ‘a done-deal’ – think again, Mayor McCallum

LETTERS: SPD ‘a done-deal’ – think again, Mayor McCallum


Re: Surrey Police Service a ‘done deal’: mayor, Sept. 17

Is it really a done deal, Mr. McCallum?

In your election campaign you ran on the extension of (SkyTrain) to Langley City. You cancelled the approved extension to both Guildford Town Centre and Newton, at a cost of $30 million, all the while saying that it could be done at the same cost as the cancelled extensions.

So, what did we get?

The new extension, if it gets built at all, will end at JYSK, a discount furniture store near a modest population and a small business centre, servicing few, almost 14 kilometres short of your projections.

Your proposal to create a special police service, with no discussion, no referendum, no budget, looks like a repeat of your failure to be realistic.

If the federal government can cancel the airport extension servicing the whole of Western Canada, the provincial government can certainly cancel this.

A done deal – think again, Mr. McCallum.

P.J. Coffey, Surrey

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