LETTERS: Stop trying to kill my puppy with your litter


I adopted a puppy about six months ago. You threw cooked chicken bones on the ground and my puppy was drawn to them and could have choked and/or bled to death on them. Cooked poultry bones are like shards of glass.

Then you tossed your beer and vodka bottles out the car window and they smashed on the road and the sidewalk where we walk. Then you drove at double to triple the speed limit through the crosswalk, ignoring the flashing yellow lights, and putting both our lives in danger.

And then you tossed your cannabis roaches and your tubes and packets of THC on the ground in the park and my puppy wants to eat them. In fact, she ate somebody’s roach about two months ago and could have died.

We rushed her to the emergency veterinary clinic in Langley. That was one of the most expensive and stressful nights of my life.

I beg you – please stop trying to kill my puppy.

Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

Letter to the Editor