LETTERS: Surrey bylaw enforcement is inconsistent

LETTERS: Surrey bylaw enforcement is inconsistent


It’s funny and strange to hear the mayor of Surrey in view of the Uber situation using the upstanding bylaw enforcement argument.

Over many years, dump trucks and semis have been illegally parked all over Surrey yet the enforcement officers only do something if there is a complaint instead of being proactive.

Even after the complaint, it’s like pulling teeth getting things in motion.

All over Surrey, in parks and on beaches, there are dogs running loose everywhere and very seldom do you see bylaw officers.

When I see all the illegal trucks and the backlash of taxi drivers against Uber I see quid pro quo, as the mayor depends on their support in a big way for votes in elections.

The mayor is not speaking for me and probably a large portion of residence in Surrey as he always says. I say to other councillors who are still sticking up for the mayor on these matters – including the new police force – get on with the program before the next election because you will be gone along with the mayor.

Brian Lauder, Surrey

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