LETTERS: Surrey mayor has not lived up to his oath


The bylaw that allows taxpayers to express their concerns regarding a candidate running for office is democratic. For a mayor in office to dismiss or disallow this democratic process is autocratic or a dictatorship.

Freezing our freedom of speech until the Surrey municipal election, Oct. 15, is unethical. By doing this, the mayor will be allowing unscrupulous candidates to run for office unabated.

The bylaw that allows residents to report unethical behaviour to the ethics commissioner was put in place to protect the public and enforce the transparency and integrity of elected officials. The “freezing” of information to the ethics commission was voted on and approved by some council members and the mayor behind closed doors, prior to the Surrey council meeting on April 11. The taxpayers/residents were not given the opportunity to vote on this issue. The “freeze” undermines Surrey residents to hold the Surrey mayor and councillors accountable for their actions.

Based on his current behaviour, I question what Mayor McCallum is going to do next to provoke and anger the voters/residents of Surrey. When McCallum took office, he swore to represent and look after the best interests of Surrey residents. He has not lived up to his oath.

Elections BC should re-introduce democracy in this province in the next civic election. The voters of Surrey should be given a choice on the ballot. Choose a mayor from the mayoralty candidates, councillors, school trustees and the given right to vote on who they want to police Surrey.That is democracy.

Laurie Haliburton, Surrey

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