LETTERS: Surrey mayor invited to go ‘plogging’ with residents

Editor: An open letter to Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum:


An open letter to Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum:

You are touting the benefits of “plogging” as a recreational activity as part of your “Love Where We Live” campaign.

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Plogging, according to you, involves jogging or walking with a group of friends, socializing and picking up garbage at the same time.

I certainly love where I live, and I have offered to join you and your councillors when you are plogging in your neighbourhoods. Since I heard nothing, I took it upon myself to organize groups to clean up the neighbourhoods we love.

We have picked up about 20 bags of garbage in Ocean Park, Semiahmoo, Newton and Bear Creek Park.

I would like to inform you that this activity cannot be combined with recreational walking or jogging.

You will be wearing protective gloves and carrying a reaching stick in one hand and an increasingly heavy garbage bag in the other.

You will be stopping every few metres to pick up dog-poop bags, discarded masks, used Kleenex, drug paraphernalia and other disgusting stuff.

Please, mayor, come out and see for yourselves the mess in the City of Surrey. You will go straight home afterwards to decontaminate.

Colin Pronger, Surrey

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