Trees on property at the west end of 24 Avenue, near the Christopherson Stairs, are marked with orange ribbon in January 2021. (Tracy Holmes photo)

LETTERS: Surrey should follow White Rock’s lead on tree protection


Re: City mulls tree-protection bylaw, March 4

I am excited to learn that White Rock City Council is looking at creating a comprehensive bylaw to protect the city’s trees.

I hope it is implemented and while I feel that this is long overdue, at least they appear to be moving in the right direction. I am begging Surrey’s City Council to do the same.

In South Surrey, I have lost count of the number of properties that have been clear-cut to make way for never-ending rows of townhomes.

These developments, and the councillors that approve them, clearly have no regard for the natural landscape despite being laughably marketed as “nestled in nature.”

It is 100 per cent clear that Mayor Doug McCallum and his majority of councillors have no respect for, nor understanding of, the environment and its inherent value.

As voters, we need to hold them accountable.

Reagan Clark, South Surrey

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