LETTERS: Surrey’s electorate elected not to vote


Re: No reason to replace the RCMP, Oct. 29, letters

On two occasions the RCMP responded to an alarm event at the writer’s house. In each case, the police contacted him that there was no sign of damage or illegal entry and he praised them for doing so.

In reading this, I have to assume that the alarm system failed and that the police were sent on a wild goose chase, not once, but twice.

Each case, I am sure, involved a police car and two officers. What a waste of manpower and money.

I suggest that Mr. Ufford have his alarm system repaired or replaced or he should get a guard dog and prevent the police from chasing phantom break-ins.

In the same letter, he asks for a referendum to determine the wishes of the electorate to replace the RCMP. The electorate had their chance at election time when Mayor McCallum made a promise to replace the RCMP during his campaign. The so-called electorate elected not to vote by the thousands, thus giving him a mandate and a win as mayor.

Living in White Rock, the effects on me, at best, are minimal. However, I fear that our electoral system is being eroded by a bunch of disgruntled non-voters.

Michael Palmer, White Rock

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