LETTERS: The world needs less Canada

LETTERS: The world needs less Canada


Now that Turkey is fully armed by Canada and similar ethically-unburdened arms dealers, our nation – that which the world needs more of – has suspended weapons sales to Turkey.

It seems the Turks are using the weapons we sold them in good faith to actually kill people. How could this ever have been predicted?

We Canadians are nothing if not upright. Indeed, we convulse at the slightest hint of impropriety and have not shrunk from proclaiming how modest and polite we are.

Now, yet again, we show the world that we will not countenance violence by giving the Turks more weapons than we have already given them.

It would be unseemly to continue weapons sales at this time, but take heart, fellow Canadians, we will do everything we can to ramp up sales as soon as it is expedient.

It is indeed a pity that Kurdish men, women and children are being exterminated by our weapons but they are not our allies, they are not Canadian and they are mostly out-of-sight, far away.

But may I remind you that we have laws to regulate the sale of these weapons, good laws with suitably agreed upon loopholes that allow the business to quietly flourish while providing well-paying jobs that no politician (who can overlook the deaths of inconsequential non-Canadian, non-voters) would have the courage to transition to non-violent jobs.

Sadly, our politicians reflect the will of Canadians.

Dr. Brendan Martin, Langley