LETTERS: Theft of daughter’s car has made it more difficult to feel empathy


I have to admit, I am having a tough time feeling empathy for some of the people who are clearly struggling in our city.

You see, recently, my daughter had her car stolen.

It was severely beat-up, clearly a vehicle owned by someone who really couldn’t afford anything better.

My daughter is a full-time education student and works as a pre-school teacher during the day, and drives what she can afford. The thieves are on camera, poking around at different cars until they settle on the cheapest car in the lot.

You might think they would pause for a second and think, “Well, here is someone who is clearly can’t afford a car worth $40,000 – we shouldn’t steal it.” But they did.

I guess that is why I am having a hard time resolving this.

I know all the reasons why people ultimately have to steal to survive, but sometimes I wonder if people steal just because it is easier.

Why work hard all day to make minimum wage?

Why go to all the effort to get to a work place just to slog away at something that you might see as a pointless job?

It’s because you become a contributor.

You can have pride knowing that you are giving back, even a little, to the people around you. I walk by businesses desperate for workers every day.

Work is there.

So, if you are reading this and want to sell a car for super cheap, my daughter is looking for one.

Stu Mitchell, White Rock

Letter to the Editor