Holly branch (unsplash photo)

Holly branch (unsplash photo)

LETTERS: Theft of decorative holly a ‘selfish act’


As I have an abundance of holly on my tree, I like to share it with my neighbours and place a large branch against each of the street trees on our boulevard to add to the Christmas light displays and enhance the seasonal atmosphere.

Last year it was appreciated by many passersby, either on foot or by car.

Unfortunately, this year a woman walking her dog took one of the branches before it had a chance to be secured to it’s tree. She asked one of my neighbours about it, but, when told of the display, decided to sling it over her shoulder and walk off with it! I am quite offended by this selfish act – definitely not in the spirit of the season.

Other branches have been taken as well – bah, humbug!

Marylin Mainland, South Surrey

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