LETTERS: Time has come for South Surrey to join White Rock

‘Most viable long-term solution’ is amalgamation, writes Brian Tuomi


It appears that White Rock City is close to being maxed out. The taxpayers have been tapped for ever-increasing taxes, there is little land left for developing a commercial tax base, the ability to grow is constrained by South Surrey surrounding us and many of us can’t even get our garbage picked up. Generally, our small size, although good from some perspectives, is a negative for city services.

The first solution I propose is not new; commence the procedure for a plebiscite in White Rock and South Surrey on the possible merging of South Surrey into White Rock. Understand that this was tried some years ago but the wording of White Rock joining Surrey was unfortunately the reverse of what it should have been.

It seems like the most viable long-term solution, as we are physically together, while South Surrey is actually remote from Surrey itself.

Such a merger would allow all the component communities of South Surrey to have a White Rock address, it would expand the tax base to a workable level for White Rock and there would be a valid excuse for a new city hall.

Of course the residents of South Surrey would get to keep the RCMP.

There are most certainly a myriad of other good reasons for the merger and few negatives except the bureaucratic challenge to make this happen. Start the conversation.

Brian Tuomi, White Rock

Letter to the Editor