LETTERS: Time to eliminate ‘four-lane expressway’ along 16 Avenue

LETTERS: Time to eliminate ‘four-lane expressway’ along 16 Avenue


Even if I have two “Keep the RCMP in Surrey” signs on my property, I admit that I’m not too impressed with the RCMP’s rather lacklustre efforts to crack down on these louder-than-loud motorcycles and automobiles that race up and down 16 Avenue/North Bluff Road.

While COVID-19 initially provided us with a brief respite from the typical traffic situation, these crazy drivers are making up for the peaceful interlude by cranking up their silly machines. I bet some of that noise is well over 130 decibels, not 83 to 91, and at the speeds they’re driving, it’s hard to get a licence plate number.

Few drivers obey the posted 50 km/h speed limit and the excessive speed, together with the excessive noise, is totally unacceptable.

A $109 fine is not going to make any real difference and it’s a waste of time for the RCMP, writing up the odd ticket here and there for violations. It’s no more than the price of a couple of bottles of wine or a tank of gas; no big deal, especially for those driving high-priced hot-rod vehicles.

A more effective approach to solving this neighbourhood drag race track could be to eliminate the current four-lane ‘expressway’ and allow street parking between at least 140 and 136 Streets, the way it once was. This would not only effectively slow traffic, but also help clear up the alleys behind 16 Avenue, providing a bonus for waste collection trucks, which often having a hard time dealing with the cars parked there, in front of overloaded garages these days.

Worth a try? I believe so.

M.Keij, Surrey

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