LETTERS: Time to end the war on C02

LETTERS: Time to end the war on C02


Re: Weather, climate non synonymous, letters May 31

The Peace Arch News headline for Vicki Pauze’s letter to the editor was “Weather, climate not synonymous.” How about CO2, Apocalypse not synonymous?

Pauze’s quoted statistic that CO2 levels are higher today than they were three million years ago is deceptive in that it is one of selective convenience. For proper context, one needs to consider that two million years ago CO2 was at 2,000 parts per million. Historically there are times when it’s been over 5000 ppm. Today CO2 is at or around 400 parts per million. CO2 is a nutrient which plants rely on to survive. It is literally the currency of life. The optimum CO2 range for plant growth is 1000 – 2000 ppm, which means plants are currently on a near starvation diet.

Her claim that “the fossil fuel industry has continued to fund organizations that deny corporate involvement with the destruction of the earth” is unsubstantiated.

Acceptance of the hypotheses of this statement sounds cult-like to me. When it comes to funding, one needs to recognize that scientists are, by and large, funded by various levels of government. They are beholden to the global warming narrative accordingly. As the saying goes, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

We all want a cleaner world for future generations. Cities and towns in Quebec that dump raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River need to be held to account. The proliferation of plastics in our oceans desperately needs to be addressed. Particulate matter emitted by burning dirty coal needs to end. But it’s time that the war on CO2 be recognized as the political brinkmanship that it is.

Glen Gerow, White Rock