LETTERS: Time to stop doing business with countries that won’t stand up to Russia


I, like many of you, am sickened by the carnage that Russia is inflicting on the Ukraine and its people.

Yes, governments are imposing sanctions and providing military aid to those brave soldiers resisting the occupation. And perhaps some people are making cash donations to help the humanitarian effort in aid of many millions of civilians displaced by Russia’s cruel and illegal war. Bless you.

The UN voted to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

But North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, and Belarus voted no to the resolution. And Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, and China abstained, in effect saying, “Go ahead and kill people for your own selfish reasons. We are neutral on this subject.”

I wonder if the world could not do more? What if all of us, indeed the entire world who disagree with the war, stopped buying from these countries? Yes, it would hurt your pocketbook, small companies, the multi-nationals like Walmart and Costco, and others. Their shelves would eventually become bare. But it would then invite them to look for other suppliers, those who opposed the occupation and the killing. Imagine if the people of the world did this? That would send a very powerful signal. Let’s mobilize and show the tyrants there is no place for them in our world.

Simon Bergen-Henengouwen, White Rock

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