A festive tree in Bay Ridge Park.

A festive tree in Bay Ridge Park.

LETTERS: ’Tis a season of rhyme, reason

Christmas is on contributors' minds, as Dec. 25 approaches.

The following was submitted by Chris Reynolds and Trudy Dollman, who for a few years have been receiving Patrick Rusk’s original Christmas poems, handwritten by his wife Pat. With the 65-year-old retiree’s permission, they wanted to share this year’s offering with the community.

OMG it’s Christmas

We all have to shop

Every year it’s more hectic

You feel you could just drop.

And even though it’s crazy,

Let the kids have a blast

We should just take a moment

To reflect on the past.

Let’s not go back as far

As candles on the trees,

Just go back a little bit

When everything was a breeze.

I can remember going shopping,

Yes, the malls, they were packed

But there wasn’t ever any worry

That you might be punched or whacked.

And on Christmas morning,

Opening gifts one by one

We laughed and enjoyed the children

the whole day was so much fun.

And then was the big moment

For the big turkey feast.

I remember when I was younger

That bird was just a beast.

When we all had finished eating

And couldn’t possibly eat more

We would all sit around the tree

As the kids played on the floor.

But nowadays it really seems

That we just shop til we’re broke,

And, then, when the bills pour in,

Well, that’s just not a joke.

And to me it seems a wee bit odd

Just sort of “Jumping the Gun.”

It seems that now Christmas starts

Well before Halloween is done

We see the lights go up in October,

Long before they are due.

Some say that they’re just anxious

I guess that could be true

To me Christmas is December,

A time for family and friends

And a hope that the magic of Santa Claus,

For the children, it never ends.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Patrick Rusk, White Rock

• • •

There is a special tree in Bay Ridge Park

Where magical things happen after dark.

Must be the Christmas Elves having a lark

Hanging their charms and baubles to mark.

Are they dancing during the starry nights

To the wonderment and delights?

Who would deny them their playful rites

To delight our neighbours with these sights?

Derek & Wendy Hunt, Surrey

• • •

If you are afraid for your children, there is someone who loves them more than you do.

Whether it is a fear of an overdose, car accident, illness, lack of good relationships, pregnancy, unemployment, distancing from you, symptoms of divorce, you can hand your worries and burdens over to Jesus Christ. He promises comfort, protection, direction and peace. Ask Him for help.

C. Gregory, White Rock

• • •

My thoughts in a poem titled: Volunteer? Who me?

Be a volunteer you say?

Do all that work without any pay?

Travel to a place that’s out of the way!

To put in a few hours that louse up a day!

But then I think of those who can’t

And others I remember who didn’t get the chance

And I thank God for each beautiful day

And the health He’s given me to allow me to say

Yes, I’ll help, just show me the way!

Gerry Houlden, White Rock